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The MatchNPE platform was born from the partnership between HRM Group and QBT Sagl, and from the management's over ten years of experience, dedicated to the management of the processes of enhancement and sale of impaired loans (NPE - Non Performing Exposures). MatchNPE was created to facilitate the meeting (the "MATCH) between Banks, Investors and Servicers for the conclusion of credit transfer and purchase transactions in maximum transparency and at low costs, MatchNPE is a tool that also intends to promote the development of the secondary NPE market, thus facilitating the inflow of capital by new types of players, both nationally and locally, including real estate operators.

trasparenza matchnpe
Offer Transparency
With professional and advisory services integrated into the platform, MatchNPE aims to improve the quality of the datatape and make the credit portfolios for sale complete with data and suitable for the 'showcase'
trasparenza matchnpe
Innovative analysis tools
Tools for a quick portfolio assessment and sensitivity analysis (scenarios for exit strategies) with the use of parameters in a cluster to increase the accuracy of the assessment
user-friendly matchnpe
User-friendly Environment
Easy-to-use digital marketplace to select credits, access the virtual data room, advance your offer and quickly execute the transaction with due diligence and process costs reduction. Possibility of assistance and messaging in the various phases of the transaction.


MatcheNPE facilitates the search on the market for originators and eliminates the information asymmetries typical of the sector with access to the Virtual Data Room and the Q&A section, which is always updated, allowing all investors, according to the investment targets, to easily select the type and size of the investment in NPE for directly sending your offer to the seller, with maximum transparency and due diligence times and costs reduction.


Through the industrialization and automation of the sale process obtained thanks to the creation of the datatape and automatic portfolio evaluation, the use of the platform allows you to reach national and international investors with the possibility of selection based on investment criteria. Possibility in a single environment to manage the individual steps of the sale (pre-sales, teaser, letter of interest, final offering, access to the Virtual Data Room and due diligence


valorizzazione matchnpe
Automatic credit enhancement
dataquality matchnpe
Data quality and data remediation services on demand
valutazioni immobiliari matchnpe
Open market Value and judicial real estate valuations
data room matchnpe
Virtual data room
help desk matchnpe
Platform Help Desk
processo di cessione matchnpe
Bidding process according to configurable standard
piattaforma contratti matchnpe
Standard transaction documents and process management available into the platform
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